Clint Bickham
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Age:  ?
Gender: Male
DOB: October 5
Bloodtype:  ?
Occupation: Voice Actor, ADR script writer

Clint Bickham is a voice actor and ADR script writer working with ADV Films, Funimation Entertainment, and Seraphim Digital Studios. He voices Finland for Hetalia: Axis Powers/ Hetalia: World Series.

Other RolesEdit

  • Air Gear (Kazuma Mikura)
  • BASToF Syndrome (Skater Boy A)
  • Clannad (Baseball Team Member), (King Dancer), (Punk), (Tennis Team Captain)
  • Ghost Hound (Taro Komori)
  • Gravion (Takasu)
  • Gravion Zwei (Takasu)
  • Kino's Journey (Shizu)
  • Magikano (Haruo Yoshikawa)
  • My Beautiful Girl, Mari (Jun-Ho)
  • Nerima Daikon Brothers (Receptionist)
  • Papuwa (Brown Pelican), (Fishie), (Lobster), (Tama)
  • Project Blue Earth SOS (Penny Carter)
  • Saiyuki (God); (Men)
  • Super GALS! (Masato Iwai)
  • Utawarerumono (Hien)
  • The) Wallflower (Akira), (Hat Assistant), (M.C.)
  • UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 3: Bride of Celestial Souls' Day (Alien), (Bather), (Mad Stylist)
  • UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 4: Banquet of Time, Dreams, and Galaxies (Sweaty Girl)
  • Xenosaga: The Animation (Chaos)

External LinksEdit

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