Cuba/Canada is a fan pairing involving the characters Cuba and Canada.

Episode 52

Cuba (right) giving Canada (left) ice cream in Episode 52.

Modern TimesEdit

One day, Cuba suddenly started beating Canada from behind, thinking he was America. Even when Canada tried to set him straight, Cuba refused to listen.

Later, Cuba sneaked up on Canada again, scaring him. Instead of trying to attack him, however, Cuba had brought him ice cream as an apology, as well as to invite him over to his house. Canada agreed, but when he went to make good on the offer, Cuba thought he was America again.

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Though the two character have only been shown together a few times, fans believe the two could be paired up due to their love of ice cream. Canada and Cuba are also paired due to their historical connections, and excellent diplomatic relations. They are also shown to be good friends in canon.


Published MangaEdit

  • Fly, Canada-san, Fly! (Axis Powers Hetalia volume 2)
  • Kitayume Christmas Event 2010

Webcomic: Extra StoriesEdit

  • Fly, Canada-san, Fly!


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