England/North Italy, also known as Angel pair or Ukita/Ituk, is a pairing that was first formed when Italy said that England's cooking was bad in episode 8 and has been following through to Italy's fear of England. Most of the time, Italy and England doesn't talk with each other unless it is war interactions, usually just when either one of the are in captive of the other, though others ship England and Italy due to them being exact opposites: England is bad at cooking while Italy's good, Italy acting stupid and silly and innocent while England are very serious and far from innocent. The ship is called Angel pair due to England being Britannia in Webcomics and Italy being a sweet little angel in general.

Italy was captured several times by the allies, and this is where England offers to feed Italy. However, Italy refuses it, stating that it was terrible food, which upsets England as if he actually took into care of what Italy said.

In Hetaoni, England/North Italy are considered canon by some. However, this has not been explicitly said.

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