Episode 90
Episode # 90 (38)
Air Date December 10, 2010
Length (5:00)
Prev Episode Episode 89
Next Episode Episode 91

The thirty-eighth episode of Hetalia: World Series (ninetieth overall) was broadcasted on December 10, 2010. It adapts from The Japanese Man, the German and the Italian and The Awesome Frantic Me from the third published volume, along with more Punchlines and Japan-kun and America-kun.

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode begins with a little song that explains what happens when a German, a Japanese, and an Italian go out and eat. After that, more punchlines with China gathering food from around the world to make soup.

The Japanese Man, the German and the ItalianEdit

The song starts off the episode which talks about what a German, Japanese and Italian would do after eating at a restaurant. A German would think of a way to split the bill evenly among them, a Japanese would estimate the bill amount and pay for it themselves, and an Italian would think of a way to thank his friends for treating him to lunch.

Punchlines to use when you can't come up with one (part 5)Edit

Glimpses of foods shown throughout the series are shown, and this time the punchline features China declaring that he will cook up a soup from the foods.

Japan-kun and America-kunEdit

America orders large fries at a WacBurger in Japan, only to freak out about how small the fries are. Japan tells him that is the normal size for the large fries in his country. Later, when ordering from an American WacBurger, Japan is shocked by how large the fries are in America.

Prussia and HungaryEdit

Prussia goes outside and takes a leak in the bushes after officially becoming Prussia from the Teutonic Knights. He hears a voice calling to him and, at first, Prussia suspects that it's the ghost of a Polish pastry he ate earlier. After the voice tells him to come closer, he discovers that it's Hungary, whom is very injured. Prussia comments that she has definitely seen better days and begins to tease her, which results in Hungary yelling at him.After Prussia notices she's hurt, he offers Hungary some "intimate care" and comments on how she looked like him after she beat him up when they were younger. He asks how she got injured, and Hungary says Turkey and one of his Sects beat her up. Prussia then rips some cloth from his nether regions and gets ready to wrap Hungary's wounds. Hungary, disgusted, refuses the cloth from his crotch to use on her wounds. Prussia tries to force his cloth on her, and the two start fighting. Amidst the fight, he spots Hungary's breasts from her button down shirt. Horrified and confused, Prussia just looks away, which confuses Hungary. In the end, he gives her his jacket and walks away

Post-Credits Teaser: The Japanese Man, the German and the ItalianEdit

The song ends the episode which talks about what a German, Japanese and Italian would do after eating at a restaurant.

Character AppearancesEdit

Voice CastEdit

English Dub CastEdit


  • The ending sequence for this episode features a group shot of the Allies along with a close-up shot of England.

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