South Italy hides from France behind Germany in Episode 7

Germany/South Italy
is a slash pairing in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers, involving the characters of Germany and South Italy aka Romano. The pairing is also referred to as Germano.


When South Italy first meets Germany, he appears shy during his introduction (from his brother), but soon tells him to eat bullets, calling him a "potato bastard". In further confrontations he threatens to use violence, though he never does and is probably not even able to. He seems to hate Germany with a passion, most likely motivated by the desire to protect his brother from the outside world and the "bad influence" of Germany.

In Episode 53, Romano attempts to throw a grenade at Germany, but takes after Veneziano by throwing the pin of the grenade at Germany and keeping the grenade in his mouth. Germany panics at this, remarking that the brothers are "cut of the same cloth".

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Shippers of this pairing interpret Romano's behavior as being tsundere. Discussed is the possibility that Romano is jealous of all the love Veneziano gets. After being always the second choice, Romano built a shell around him to protect him...unfortunately he doesn't notice that this is just the "I hurt you so you can't hurt me"- way. However another interpretation of this is that he's being an over-protective brother. 

In spite of Romano's constant insulting of him, Germany still has a generally neutral attitude towards him, so at the very least the relationship cannot be described as mutual hate. Fanworks for this couple are highly flexible, having room for both angst and comedy.


Webcomic: Extra StoriesEdit

  • Italy's Big Brother
  • Can't Escape From Italy
  • Meet the Countries

Webcomic: Comic DiariesEdit

  • Comic Diary 2


  • Episode 7
  • Episode 53

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