Hetalia Drama CD Interval Volume 1: The CD Of The Awesome Me
ヘタリア ドラマCD インターバルvol.1「俺様CD」
Released: August 15th, 2009
Language: Japanese
Length:  ?
Tracks: 16
Label: Frontier Works, Media Factory
Catalog Number: HETARE-0003
In Print?: No

Hetalia Drama CD Interval Volume 1: The CD Of The Awesome Me (Ore-sama no CD) is the fifth drama CD for Hetalia: Axis Powers, and the first character-centric drama CD. It focuses on Prussia and was released as a Comic Market 76 exclusive on August 15, 2009. It is based on the April Fools 2009 event at Kitayume, when Prussia hijacked the site and started his own blog.

Track listingEdit


  • 1: I Tried To Start A Blog! (ブログはじめてみたぜ!)

Prussia: "Ore-sama no CD!"
Announcer: "This CD is a recording of a happy day of Prussia, who has too much fun alone.

Germany: "Aah-Aah...ehrm. This is Germany, this is Germany. I’m sorry for this inconvenience, but it looks like my big brother Prussia wanted to imitate me and made his own blog. He was having an argument with France in the neighborhood earlier just because of the preparations and just for this day he rented this studio, takes photos, remembered CSS and CGI in just one day to finally end up here. I’m seriously...worried."
Prussia: "I tried to start a blog!"
Prussia: "Guuh! I don’t understand this crap! I finally managed to design my blog like this but writing blog entries is a pain in the ass. Well...let’s try and reload."
Italy: "Title: Congratulations~!"
Prussia: "Oh! There you go awesome me! I already have a comment!"
Italy: "Wow...You made a blog! And it’s full of photos of just you! I also thought about creating one before, but I had a siesta in the middle of creating it and that was the end of it."
Prussia: "What? Well why not together then! Well, I'll reply with: then...let’s... make a blog... together! Hehe, getting a comment from Italy-chan right away, I am truly awesome!"
Germany: "Brother, what are you doing?"
Prussia: "Oh, if that isn’t West - Kesesesese. I’m replying to a comment. Ain’t I awesome? Terrific isn’t it! The content of this wonderful comment is the proof that I am as awesome as a small bird after all!"
Germany: "One comment huh?"
Prussia: "Kesesesesese - The value of comments is not about how many you get. One comment from Italy-chan is worth more than 100 comments from other people."
Germany: "Is that so?...Well anyway, could you remove that?!"
Prussia: "That?"
Germany: "That thing next to the portrait of Frederick II...What is that?!"
Prussia: "Ah..that stuffed toy?

  • 2: I Was Sold Something Strange (変なもん売ってたぜ)

Prussia: "Title: He sold something weird."
Prussia: "Ah fuck it! That damn you China! To hell with „that stuffed panda will make you happy“! If that would be true then it would help the financial situation somewhere in China too! I won’t be fooled even though it’s April’s Fool! That’s right! I won’t be fooled! There is no way... no way... no way..."
Panda: "PANDA!"
Prussia: "Damn it."
Germany: "And that’s what happened?"
Prussia: "No! No! This is a...uhm...4000 year old..feng shui thing from China!!!"
Germany: "Feng shui...thing?"
Prussia: "Well, let’s forget about that, ok? Instead, look at this photo! That ass Austria...isn’t that photo a masterpiece?"
Germany: "Tsss... why are you doing stupid stuff like that...again? Being happy about pinching his cheeks...what are you big brother? A little kid?"
Prussia: "I said don’t worry about that! Eh? Hold on a second....after that...."

  • 3: Hahahahahahahahahaha (はははははははははは)

Prussia: "Title: Hahahahahahahaha!"
Prussia: "I went to check out Austria’s house."

Austria: "Wait a moment! Prussia!"
Prussia: "Kesesesesesese~"
Austria: "Stop it you fool! I told you before! Stop pinching my cheeks!"
Prussia: "They are really stretchy! Puuu~!"
Austria: "People like you....You already have my vital regions! Are you not satisfied yet?!"
Prussia: "Kesesesesesesesese~"
Austria: "That's why...Prussia! Stop this nonsense! If you don’t then...!"
Austria: "Prussia! Are you alright? Prussia? Prussia? Prussiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Prussia: "I really can’t remember what happened after that...."
Germany: "Good if you couldn’t guess what happened...If you use your brain you should be able to figure it out."
Prussia: "But challenging that is what it means to be a man! Even for you the day will come when you have to challenge something like that alone yet in a manly way."
Germany: "That day will never come! Never!
Announcer: "By the way, the vital regions of Austria are called Silesia."

  • 4: Hong Kong, You Too? (香港てめぇもか?)

Prussia: "Title: Hong Kong, you bastard did it too, huh?"
Prussia: "Hong Kong sells a panda that is supposed to make you happy. But this time I won’t be fooled! Pupukupu~!"
Panda: "PANDA!"
Prussia: This time I won’t be fooled!! This time! This time!!!"
Panda: "PANDA! PANDA!"
Prussia: "Shit. “
Germany: "Brother, stop adding more and more weird things to your room already! And the daily increasing stuff piled in the living room makes it really difficult to keep it tidy!"
Prussia: "Yeah yeah. I’ll win this Japanese style! Hehehehe, updating my blog is just too much fun! I should check my comments - Oh from Austria?"
Austria: "...and you will be sending the stuff that you don’t want anymore here again, right? Think more carefully about the things you buy..."
Prussia: "Kaaaa! Shut up, you stuck-up-the-ass aristocrat!"
Germany: "Uh,Nii-san, I’d really like to start cleaning..."
Prussia: "That four-eyed dumbass! Dumbass!"
Bird: "Piyo~ piyo~"
Germany: "C’mon, put that bird out of the way already."
Prussia: "Ah? Bird?"
Germany: "The one that sits on your head all the time.
Prussia: "What’s that supposed to mean? But I won’t lose to a bird! I’ll just go somewhere else then. I can clean my room by myself so don’t even think about it!"
Germany: "This bird kinda fits big brother. He didn’t notice that it was on his head from the start....

  • 5: What Do You Want?! (なんだこいつ?!)

Prussia: "Title: What the hell is this?"
Prussia: "Hahahahahahaha! I got an email earlier."
Germany: "Well...that’s nice, isn’t it?"
Prussia: "Let’s see...'Your blog is awesome! Please tell me about the profile...of...that...cute bird on your head.' What? Do I have a bird on my head? "
Bird: "Piyo~ piyo~"
Prussia: "I do."
Germany: "Brother, there is a comment from Italy."
Prussia: "Oh! What? Title: It’s really cute, isn’t it?"
Italy: "There has been a bird on your head sometimes...but you didn’t notice! I wonder if it can deliver letters like France Nii-chan’s Pierre...But it’s so small so it might be impossible! Let me touch it next time!"
Prussia: "Are you shitting me? He’s been there that long?"
Bird: "Piyo~ piyo~"
Prussia: "I like touching him..."
Italy: "Yahoo! I came to hang out! Your blog is so awesome! I want to do something like that!"
Prussia: "Italy-chan! Let’s go on a date at the Danube River today!"
Italy: "Ah~ a photo of the bird!"
Prussia: "Danube! Danube!"
Italy: "I really like drawing pictures of birds like that. They are so small and cute!"
Prussia: "Date! Date!"
Italy: "Un! The bird is cute, right? Oh! Is this a photo of Latvia?"
Prussia: "Uhu! He’s cute, right? Both feel really good to the touch!"
Announcer: "And then that evening..."
Prussia: "I was told to pet him, so I did. It felt really good to pet him...Oh...a comment from Russia."
Russia: "Fuhuhu~. Latvia is really cute, right? Let me touch him next time!"
Prussia: "FUCK OFF!"

  • 6: It's Sudden, But I Have An Announcement To Make (突然ですがここでお知らせです)

Announcer: "This is sudden, but here is an announcement."
Prussia: "Shoshinsha *beep* Spinner, it’s buzzing, just a long sleeper! The “walk the dog” that you are not able to do! Shoshinsha *beep* Spinner will be open to the public at about Summer 2009 at my place."
Announcer: "This advertisement is displayed only in the blog of the annoying Prussia."

  • 7: Meow (にゃー)

Italy: "Hee...these are photos of the Nordics. Iceland, Sweden...Ah! It’s Finland! But, why did you take these photos?"
Prussia: "Ou! Because somebody requested photos of the Nordics so I went to get them."
Italy: "Ooh - As one would expect from Germany’s big brother! Devoted...and your eyes are honest!"
Prussia: "Italy-chan....praising me like that..hehehehe...hahahah! Yes! I put my life in danger numerous times while completing this task! But since I’m not a pansy! I didn’t back down and--"
Italy: "I think this cat is really cute!"
Prussia: "Cat?!"
Italy: "Nyaaaaa"
Prussia: "Nya? Ah! That’s from the time when I went to Greece."

Prussia: "While I was trying to attack a place where I could have an afternoon nap...Oh yeah, this is the story of when, in the dry heat of summer, you could almost call it a vacation, I went to Italy-chan’s house but he has urgent work stuff to attend to, so inevitably I strolled over to Greece. Without thinking anything, I lay down on a bench and then out of nowhere I was attacked by this ominous black shadow and I thought it would cover my face! Ahhh....that was a really dreadful experience. You could even say that it’s a miracle that I’m still alive...OH! A comment from Italy-chan!!"
Italy: "Wah! It’s Greece! Greece is a good place, right? The girls are cute, the food is good... It was awesome! He threw me out though...."
Russia: "Warm places are nice, right? I want to try and have an afternoon nap at a place like this too! I long for an ocean that won’t freeze all year long."
Prussia: "Personally, I want to pretend that I never saw Russia’s comment....Italy-chan, if you come to my house, you can stay as long as you like. To Russia: If you sleep there you will be attacked by cats so I won’t recommend it."

Italy: " took a lot of photos of cats! Yay! Your digital camera is really interesting. Mine is kinda...full of photos of girls and...Germany."
Germany: "What are you taking pictures of?"
Prussia: "Kyaa! That’s why you are so cute Italy-chan!"
Germany: "Sigh...Brother, Italy, it’s almost time for lunch. What do you want?"
Italy: "I want something that’s not that dry ravioli thing."
Germany: "Dr-- Well sorry that they were dry!"
Italy: "I think you should use more sauce. The vegetables were good so if you eat it like that it’s a complete waste."
Prussia: "Ah... I’m good with anything."
Italy: "Anything..."
Prussia: "Ah - Please leave out just one thing....

Prussia's image song, in which he sings about how awesome he is and how fun it is. He also mentions anything else he thinks is awesome, including his bird, Canada and maple syrup, and Old Fritz.

  • 9: Lunch At UK's House (イギリスさんの家でランチを)

Mysterious voice: "Hello Prussia! Today, I have a request! I want you to please go to England’s house for lunch!"

England: "Prussia! You actually came! So that phone call I got from you earlier was for real. Well, you being here being the proof for that."
Prussia: "Well, you seem really happy about it! Heh! That’s right! Having lunch with me is something that makes people happy."
England: "I’m not happy! You got that completely wrong, Idiot! Anyway, come in. I will be ready soon, so wait here. But, like I said on the phone, I only have leftovers from yesterday."
Prussia: "Don’t worry, that’s fine with me...Uhm...Hey, did you cut your finger because you were so eager...?"
England: "Ah no! That’s...! There were 10 squirrels in here earlier and they attacked me..."
Prussia: "Woah! There, on the cutting board!"
England: "Ah..AH!! There you are!! Get out!!! ...Anyway, since it’s only left-overs, eat it however you like. If you hold back, I won’t be able to finish this all by myself."
Prussia: "Wow! You made a lot! Well, before that I’m going to update my blog, hold on a sec."
England: "You want to take a photo of me? Ok hair is all messed up, wait a second!"
Prussia: "Your hair is always like that..."
England: "Ok! I’m ready! What do you want me to do?"
Prussia: "Right uhm...Hold a plate and smile?!"
England: "That’s difficult...wait!...Uhm...Okay! Like that?"

Russia: "Ehehe! From here on we will have mourning messages in memory of Prussia."
France: "We lost a precious person. Could it be that my first comment is my farewell comment? Adieu Prussia."
Italy: "Prussiaaa! Prussia will become a star! Ah, The trauma of being a prisoner of war!!"
Spain: "Why?! Why did it turn out like this?!"
Germany: "I won’t say anything. Even though you excel at war-tactics and military intelligence, you clearly lack common sense. To think that something like this could happen..."
Austria: "You idiot! Come back alive!
Prussia: "You fuckers! Don’t kill me off like that! I’m alive!"
Russia: "Ahh...It’s good that you are alive, right?"
France: "What?! Is Prussia a monster?!"
Italy: "Welcome back! I’m so glad! Welcome back Prussia!"
Spain: "Welcome back! Now I’m relieved!"
Germany: "Don’t make me worry like that! Anyway, I’m glad you are ok. Now get your ass home and help me clean!"
Austria: "What are you doing? Stop doing such weird things from now on!"
England: "You jerks! Oi! What’s the matter with you guys! Damn it! Next time I will make you say that it’s delicious! Prepare yourself!"

Prussia: "Hello? Is this Italy-chan’s big brother?"
England: "No, idiot! Open your ears and listen closely! When you come over next time, I'll make something so good that it will make you cry, got that?! So...come over again some time! Don’t forget your umbrella! Bye..."
Prussia: "I got it...I really got it!"
Italy: "Who was that?"
Prussia: "The master chef of the future."
Italy: "He has good timing..."
Prussia: "Anyway, that thing that I ate after visiting the real master chef...that was really delicious...I want to eat it again!"

Prussia: Whoa! This is...freaking delicious! You are a genius!"
France: "Hahahaha! This big brother here has god’s hand when it comes to cooking. Want another one?"
Prussia: " good! My tongue is enchanted. I don’t think anything special of you, but I will recognize your cooking abilities."
France: "You should give up already and recognize big brother’s vivo and sense as well."
Prussia: "Okay! I’ll take a photo here for my blog! France hold a plate and pose!"
France: "My, my, you are selfish...Well then~"

  • 10: It's Sudden, But Here Is A Commercial (突然ですがここでCMです)

Announcer: "This is abrupt but, we will have a commercial break here."

Japan: "Hello. I’m Nihoroid. In B.C. 600, the Nihoroid, which is specialized in Japanese folk music and enka, will go on sale. He can sing popular songs from the Showa era and anime songs but, things like Hip-Hop and R&B are a little...."
Russia: "If you force him to sing that, his face looks like he’s about to die. Fuhuhu~"
Announcer: "This advertisement is displayed only in the blog of the annoying Prussia."

  • 11: The Maple Syrup That Brings Happiness To Everyone Who Eats It (食べた人が必ず幸せになるメイプルシロップ)

Italy: "Su...Se...Guh...Guh...Guh...Guh...Ah! Something smells really good!"
Germany: "Done with your siesta?"
Italy: "Captain! What is this smell? What is it?!"
Germany: "Pancakes..."
Italy: "Captain! This subordinate here really wants to eat them!"
Germany: "Okay. They will be ready in five minutes."
Italy: "Yes sir!"
Prussia: "And for pancakes, we have to use this!"
Italy: "Uwaa! He suddenly appeared!"
Germany: "You got something strange again..."
Italy: "Maple...syrup...?"
Prussia: "This is no ordinary maple syrup! You will be surprised!"
Italy: "Eeh...What is it?"
Prussia: "You just said it right? Syrup!"

Prussia: "Damn it, I’ve been fooled again!"
Germany: "Brother, what’s wrong?
Prussia: "I got this from that jerk Canada!"
Germany: "Maple syrup? That’s very Canada-like. Isn’t that good?"
Prussia: "It’s maple syrup that will make everybody who eats it happy! But it’s still April’s Fool's Day."

Prussia: "Fucking delicious!"
Germany: "Okay! If you don’t start eating quietly in the next 10 seconds, Berlitz, who is on standby at your feet, will do something to shut you up!"
Prussia: "Delicious... Uwaa...I’m full! Canada, you created a really awesome thing! Now I became happy with good taste! Delicious!"
Germany: "Yes. It’s certainly delicious. It should be good on toast as well."
Prussia: "Canada, I want to send you my 'The Awesome Me Honor Award'!"
Germany: "If you are done with eating, put the plates in the sink!"
Prussia: "I have to show my thanks in my blog! Hey West, make one more pancake!"
Germany: "You're still not done eating?!"
Prussia: "I want to take a photo of it! And don’t worry; I’ll eat it after that."
Italy: "Captain! Thank you for the food!"
Prussia: "How is that maple syrup? Awesome, isn’t it?!"
Italy: "With this one can become happy! Maybe I can get some from Canada next time too!"
Germany: "If you are done eating, clean your plates up."
Italy: "Yes Captain!"
Prussia: "Since people are waiting for this, I’ll upload a new photo to my blog!"
Italy: "It will appear at the top!"
Germany: "What’s wrong with you two? Hey, wait a second! What’s with that page full of photos of Italy?!"
Prussia: "Because Italy-chan is cute!"
Italy: "Wow..."
Germany: "That’s not the point! You have too many photos with just Italy in them!"
Prussia: "Aww! West...You should just say so if you want me to take photos of you too!"
Germany: "Delete that stuff!!"
Prussia: "No! See! Now you made...the photos from when I went to the beach show up...Back then, I had a swimming contest with America and still pains me, even now!"

Prussia: "Ahahaha! America! You are really naive to challenge me to a swimming contest! I’m really strong when it comes to the ocean...eeeeeeeehhh?!!...That’s unfair..."
Seychelles: "Uwaa! America is really awesome!"
Prussia: "Hey Seychelles! That’s nothing to be called awesome! That’s just unfair!!"

Spain: "Win! Eh, you should win! The beach is nice! I like it too!"
Sealand: "I’m commenting on your blog! Wow! With the comfort of the internet, I’m able to comment on jerk Prussia’s blog! Hihihihihihi... Sea-kun is surrounded by the ocean! You should come and hang out with me some time! See you again! Oh yeah! Papa is going to do sweding again, so I’ll head over there now! Oh and say hello to that jerk Germany!"
England: "Sorry, please ignore the above comment. I’ll scold him later!"

Italy: "Wow! This is a photo of Poland! He’s sticking his tongue out!"
Prussia: "He stuck his tongue out at me, so I did it back at him. Even though mine was a million times better! Beeeeeeeh!"
Italy: "Prussia, your face is funny!"
Prussia: "Bebebebeeeeeeh! What do you think? Me sticking my tongue out is awesome, right?!"
Italy: "Yes! It’s super funny!"
Germany: "No matter what you say, you are really good with Italy."
Italy: "Ooh! A photo of Germany!
Germany: "What?!"
Italy: "Germany is napping! A napping Germany!"
Germany: "Hey! When did you take that? embarrassing! Hurry up and delete it!"
Prussia: "Hahahahah! I just had to take a photo of West..."
Germany: "No you didn't!"

  • 12: The Title Is "Tired!"! It is! (タイトルは眠い! だ!)

Prussia: "The title is: I’m sleepy!"

Prussia: "Today, I’ve been awesome again all day long. Okay, blog updated.... I should go to bed soon....Huh? Who is that at this time?"
Switzerland: "Sorry intruding so late at night."
Prussia: "You?!"
Switzerland: "I came to talk about work..."
Prussia: "I refuse!"
Switzerland: "Wh-?!"
Prussia: "I’m sleepy!"
Switzerland: "The mighty me went out of his way to come here, so what’s with that 'I’m sleepy' attitude? On top of that, did you forget about Neuchâtel?"
Prussia: "I’m sleepy!"
Switzerland: "I don’t know about this!"
Prussia: "Let’s do it tomorrow!"
Switzerland: "Today!"
Prussia: "Tomorrow!"
Switzerland: "Absolutely today!
Prussia: "Tomorrow! Tomorrow!"
Switzerland: "Today!"
Prussia: "Tomorrow!"

Germany: "So, it looks like you got defeated, Brother."
Switzerland: "Well then, since it’s already late, let’s get started. Wh-?! *Prussia snoring*....Wake up! I haven’t even started yet!...You, Prussia! I’m going to count to ten, and if you don’t wake up the same thing that happened to Aubert in the third night will happen to you!"
Germany: "Do you want to build a Mont Saint-Michel in Germany?!"
Switzerland: "One! Two!"
Prussia: "He...he"
Switzerland: "Three!"
Prussia: "I said no! Ah - this is awesome..."
Germany: "Ah, by the way, I’d like to go to bed soon too. Are you listening?"
Switzerland: "Four! Five! Six!"
Prussia: "Hehehe...Hungary..Why do you have something like that?...Heheheheh..."
Germany: "It’s no use...I’m going to bed."
Switzerland: "Seven!! Eight!! Nine!! I’m at nine! nine! Did you hear?! You dumbass!! Dumbass!!!"
Prussia: "Italy-chan...uwaah! What is...this? That’s!"
Switzerland: "Hey Prussia! What do you have these ears for?! Explain yourself right now!!!!!"

  • 13: Germany Fell Asleep (ドイツは寝ちまった)

Prussia: "Title: Germany fell asleep."

Prussia: "Okay, I’ll upload this...Now that the work talk is over, all that’s left is going to bed. I’ll be awesome again tomorrow...Huh? I have ein [1]...zwei [2] comments?"
Italy: "Title: Buona notte [3]... Good night..."
Russia: "Title: Good night Prussia-kun. Спокойной ночи~ [4] Is it warm when you go to bed?"
Prussia: "I’ll reply to this and then go to sleep. 'Title: My bed is hard, the spot next to me is always free. To Italy-chan: You should sleep over next time... To Russia: It’s not that warm now. Actually it’s cold....' Done with the replies now, it’s so hard being popular. With this feeling I’ll do it while having fun every day. Old man,[5] please watch over me. I’ll sleep now."

Announcer: "Thank you very much for listening today. Please listen to Prussia again next time."

  • 14: Bonus Track: And Then... (おまけ・それから)

Announcer: "Bonus. And then..."

Prussia: "Old man, please watch over me too. Ah, I’m a little hungry. Oh yeah, there is ice cream in the freezer! Okay! Ice cream... ice cream, not c-r-ea- Uwaaah!!! ...Ouch! Damn it! That hurts!...Ahhhhh!!!! There is ice cream on my computer!!!"

Prussia: "Right now, I’m updating from my cell phone. I was a little hungry so I thought I could eat the ice cream that was in the freezer and it turned into something dreadful. Hehe...hahahahaha. Tomorrow I will have too much fun living my life without a computer!!!"
*something roars*

  • 15: My Song That Is Written By Me, For Me (karaoke version)

Instrumental version of Prussia's image song.

  • 16: Cast Talk (キャストトーク)

The voice actors all talk about their experiences making this CD.

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Good night
  4. Good night
  5. Old Fritz

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