Hetalia x Goodnight with Sheep Vol. 3 "Everyone and the kids have fun while sleeping"
ヘタリア x 羊でおやすみシリーズvol.3「みんなでいっしょに子守歌でおやすみ」
Released: August 27, 2010
Language: Japanese
Length: 47:51
Tracks: 6
Label: Honeybee
Catalog Number: HO-127
In Print?: Yes

Hetalia x Goodnight with Sheep Vol. 3- Hungary, Austria, Holy Roman Empire, and Italy, the third volume in the Hetalia x Goodnight with Sheep series, focuses on Hungary, Austria, Holy Roman Empire, and Chibitalia.

Hungary hears Chibitalia counting sheep nearby so she goes to check on him; when she arrives, she sees Italy counting sheep for Holy Roman Empire. After a while, the three discuss about having Hungary count sheep for them. Later in the CD, Austria interrupts Hungary's counting; however, after she explains the situation, he is finally convinced to count sheep, too.

Track ListingEdit

  • 1: Looks like I can't do this... (僕じゃだめみたいです・・・) (6:58)
  • 2: All right, maybe I'll count too! (じゃあ私も数えてみようかな) (10:19)
  • 3: Hurry up and sleep, you fool!(早く寝なさいお馬鹿さん!) (3:46)
  • 4: There seems to be no alternative. Let us count. (仕方ないですね、数えましょう) (9:49)
  • 5: Music is essential, even while you're sleeping. (.眠りにも音楽は不可欠です) (7:07)
  • 6: Resting with Minitaly(.ちびたりあとおやすみ) (9:52)

Voice CastEdit

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