Hetalia x Goodnight with Sheep Vol. 5 "???"
ヘタリア x 羊でおやすみシリーズvol.5「ひまわり畑でおやすみ」
~Soviet siblings~
Released: September 24, 2010
Language: Japanese
Length: 51:11
Tracks: 7
Label: Honeybee
Catalog Number: HO-129
In Print?: Yes

Hetalia x Goodnight with sheep Vol. 5- Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus,the fifth volume in the Hetalia x Goodnight with Sheep series, focuses on Russia and his two sisters- Ukraine and Belarus.

Track ListingEdit

  • 1: A "Warm it all together" (みんな一緒だと暖かいな) (7:18)
  • 2: Older sister will count (お姉ちゃんが数えてあげるね) (7:46)
  • 3: I'll count for older brother (兄さんのために数えます) (6:34)
  • 4: Go Hoooome!! (帰ってェェェェェ!!) (3:02)
  • 5: Oh well, I'll count myself (じゃあ僕も数えてみようかな) (10:06)
  • 6: Cold, can't sleep (寒いと眠れないよね) (5:06)
  • 7: Sleeping with Russia (ロシアとおやすみ) (11:19)

Voice CastEdit

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