Liechtenstein/Switzerland is a pairing involving the two characters Liechtenstein and Switzerland. They are one of the quite popular straight pairings in the Hetalia fandom.


Switzerland is extremely protective of Liechtenstein, and he is extremely kind to her. In return, Liechtenstein is extremely grateful and kind to him for saving her. Although the two share a brotherly/sisterly love, technically they are not blood related, and that they can form a union through their countries.

According to the CD Drama : Hetalia Oyasumi series Vol. 7 of Liechtenstein and Switzerland, Switzerland can be heard calling Liechtenstein by a nickname " Liechten. " and it is also revealed that Liechtenstein sings and counts sheep for Switzerland whenever he comes home stressed and Switzerland does vice versa for her when she couldn't sleep.

Liechtenstein's adoptionEdit

After WWI, Liechtenstein became extremely poor to the point of starvation. Switzerland found her in the rain and took her in even though at that time he was also having a rough time with his economy.

Later on in the series, when Liechtenstein asked him why he helped her even though he was poor as well, he answered "It's my duty as a country." and that he revealed that once he laid his eyes on her, he could not leave her alone.

Though it is believed that Switzerland has a quite tsundere-like character around the people he cares for, still he shows he is loving and protecting of Liechtenstein.


The two characters rarely make appearances, and in episode 23 of the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers (anime) they make their debut together, acting out the first part of Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness, strip of the manga.

In the movie Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White, Lichtenstein asks Switzerland if he is happy, to which he reluctantly responds that he is.


  • Episode 23: Switzerland and Liechtenstein make their debut together for the first time, starting with her cutting her hair in order to look like her brother, being self-conscious about her chest when she was mistaken for a boy, and ending with Switzerland buying her a blue ribbon.
  • Episode 24: Switzerland and Liechtenstein meet Austria at the supermarket, later they go to dinner together and when Switzerland takes care of her which causes Austria to remember his past with him.
  • Episode 25: Liechtenstein gives Switzerland a pair of pink handmade pajamas (in the manga she mistakenly gives her own PJ's to him but he wears it anyways; so she wears his PJ's that she made).
  • Episode 44: Switzerland decides to teach Liechtenstein self-defense. However, the lesson is interrupted when Liechtenstein cannot focus because of the cute pictures he draws for the lesson asking him to draw them later in a notebook.
  • Episode 45: The past of Liechtenstein and Switzerland about how they met and how he took her in. Ending up with her asking Switzerland why he had taken her in despite his economic troubles.
  • In volume 6 of the anime DVD both of their "Marukaite Chikyuu" were released.


  • They are seen having a picnic in the movie.


  • Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness Part I

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