Luxembourg transparent
Name: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg)
Human Name: N/A
Alternative Spelling(s): N/A
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Birthday: N/A
Hair Color: Light blond
Eye Color: Green
Height: N/A
First Appearance (volume): N/A
First Appearance (strip): Halloween 2013
First Appearance (anime): N/A
Japanese VA: N/A
English VA: N/A

Luxembourg (ルクセンブルク Rukusenburuku) is a minor character in Hetalia: Axis Powers.

His first real appearance was in the event Hetaween 2013, specifically an edit to the event published on Himaruya's blog the year after Hetaween 2013.


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Luxembourg has light blond hair that covers one of his eyes and has green eyes. In his official artwork he is shown wearing a blue and white striped long sleeved undershirt with his coat of arms printed on his left sleeve, a white tie shirt vest with coattails accompanied by a black tie, white pants that are tucked into his dark brown boots, and he has matching dark brown gloves.

Also shown in his profile picture is a large gray dog, with a golden collar.


Luxembourg is a rather calm, humorous guy who enjoys surprising his older sister, Belgium. Despite this, Belgium mentions that his boss overworks him sometimes, and he appears to be slightly anti-social (much like Netherlands) due to Belgium's shock when he appeared at the Hetaween party.

In the 11 Christmas Event, Luxembourg has grown to be very rich, and though he doesn't brag about it, his wealth has appeared to distract him.


Belgium Edit

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Belgium is Luxembourg's older sister. She worries about him sometimes, as his boss overworks him sometimes. He surprised her when he showed up at the Hetaween 2013 event wearing a scary wolf costume. She is very surprised and almost disappointed when during the 11th Christmas Event when he appears wearing expensive things. Despite this, she says that he is a very reliable person.

Netherlands Edit

Main article: Netherlands

Netherlands is Luxembourg's older brother, as well as Belgium's. Not much is known about their relationship, though Luxembourg says that the art designs at Netherland's house are nice. Netherlands also states that he doesn't want Luxembourg to follow his example. Showing that Netherland's cares about Luxembourg just as much as he does Belgium.