Japanese [日本語字]Edit

まわる まわる 手を取ってまわる地球ロンド

フリーダムなスタイルで Dancing☆

ステーキビッグサイズ コーラで乾杯!



ダイエットマシンの このラインアップ


ヒーローバーガー ドルッフゥー!



ポテト食べてシェイク飲んで Going my way!



世界の中心で Dancing☆

でかくて ガオー!! Loveダイナソー

セントラルパーク・ウエストでHello!My star!

Hey!Look!かっこいいだろ?俺んちの飛行機で Let's Fly!

HYAHO! 楽しみだぞ 世界中の援護を探しに行くぞー!


まわるまわる 手を取って 輪になってロンド

世界越えて 惑星(ほし)も越えて さぁ join us

まわるぞ地球 俺たちのヘタリア

さぁ 行くぞ BIGなUFO乗り込んで

はるかな 友達の 家(うち)Go Let's go

まわる まわる手を取ってまわる地球ロンド

ヒーローと一緒に Come Dancing!

幸せの魔法 welcome party

「遠慮なんかしないで いっぱい食べるんだぞー!」


BeautifulWorldへ welcome

Hey!Guys! とうとう出来たぞー!



まわる まわる 両手にバーガー持ってロンド


モグモグモグモグ ヘタリアー!

モグモグジューモグ ッタア


Romaji [ローマ字] Edit

Mawaru mawaru te o totte mawaru chikyuu rondo

Freedom na Style de Dancing

Suteeki Big size Koora de kanpai

Mawaru mawaru chikyuu de "Hello!" Amerika

Oh yeah! No problem

Diet machine no kono line up

Hey you! Umaindazo

HERO BURGER Doriffuu~!

"Bacon-iri mo hatsubai-chuu de Gates!"

Mawaru mawaru te o totte waninatte rondo

Poteto tabete Shake nonde Going my way!

Mawaruzo chikyuu ore-tachi no Hetaria

Mawaru mawaru te o totte mawaru chikyuu rondo

Sekai no chuusin de dancing

dekakute gaou! i love dinosaur

Central Park West de hello! my star!

Hey! look! kakkoi daro?

Orenchi no hikouki de let's fly!

HYAHOO! Tanoshimi da zo

sekaijyu no engo o sagashi ni iku zo!

"Mochiron ore wa HERO da!"

Mawaru mawaru te o totte wa ni natte rondo

sekai koete hoshi mo koete saa join us

mawaru zo chikyuu oretachi no hetalia

saa iku zo! big na UFO norikonde

harukana tomodachi no uchi go let's go

mawaru mawaru te o totte mawaru chikyuu rondo

HERO to issho ni come dancing!

shiawase no mahou welcome party

"enryou nanka shinaide ippai taberunda zo!"

hey guys! Tanoshi zo! BEAUTIFUL WORLD e welcome

hey guys! tootoo dekitazo! HEROINE BURGER shinsaku!

Kikan genteida zo ** nahahahahaha

mawaru mawaru ryoote ni BURGER motte rondo mina de issho ni let's get eat(?)

*mumbles* hetalia! *mumbles* ahh gochisousamadeshita

[**Still in progress...]

English TranslaionEdit

“Hey everybody! Did you come today to see my dancing? Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU~!”

Spinning, spinning, hand-in-hand, it’s the world spinning round

Dancing in a freedom style!

A toast with a big-sized steak and a cola

Say “Hello!!” to the spinning, spinning world of Hetalia!

Oh yeah! There’s no problem with this dieting machine’s lineup!

Hey, you! Hero Burgers are delicious! (durufuu!)

“They’re selling with raving reviews!”

Spinning, spinning, hand-in-hand. Make a circle round

Eating fries and drinking shakes, it’s “going my way!!”

Spin, world! It’s our Hetalia!

Spinning, spinning, hand-in-hand, it’s the world spinning round

Dancing at the center of the world!!

Give a loud ROAR! I love dinosaurs!

Say “Hello!!” from Central Park West, my star!

Hey, look!! Isn’t it cool?! Let’s fly airplanes at my house!

YAHOO! This is so much fun~! I’m going to search ‘till the ends of the world!

“Of course, I’m the hero!”

Spinning, spinning, hand-in-hand. Make a circle round

Over the world and over the stars, come join us!

Spin, world! It’s our Hetalia!

C’mon, let’s go! Climb aboard the big UFO

To our friends’ houses faraway, go, let’s go!!

Spinning, spinning, hand-in-hand, it’s the world spinning round

“Come dancing, together with the hero!”

The magic of happiness is a welcome party~

“Don’t hesitate! Eat up!”

Hey, guys! It’s fun! To the beautiful world: Welcome!

Hey, girls! It’s finished! The Heroine Burger is the healthy option!

“I’m going to go once more now, so try to keep up! NAHAHAHA~!!”

Spinning, spinning, according to the plan, It’s the “Bring-A-Burger” round!

Everyone, together, give it your best singing!

“… Spin, w-orld! I-t’s o-ur- Hetalia!”

“Thank you for the meal!!”

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