Spain/Netherlands is a slash pairing in Axis Powers Hetalia, involving the characters of Spain and Netherlands .

The pairing is sometimes called NethSpa, SpaNeth, HolSpa, SpaHol taken from the first few letters of their nation names (Netherlands or Holland and Spain). However, some fans also refer to this pairing as Othello Pair (オセロコンビ) or in Japanese fandom RanNishi (蘭西).


The first time they were seen together in a strip Boss Spain & Chibi Romano where Netherlands refuses to eat a meal in the company of Spain. Next time Netherlands was shown when he’s watching quarrels between Spain and chibi!Romano still in the same chapter. In Volume 4 they appeared together several times. When the Netherlands
wants to sell weapons and food to Spain, when Netherlands dressed as a reindeer and holds Spain and in Antonio’s house when Romano recalls moments when he was a graduate of Spain. They spent much time together during Christmas Rampage 2010. Spain came to Amsterdam to enjoy Christmas with the Netherlands. The Dutchman tells Spain continually to go home. When the shadow figures appear Netherlands tells Spain to go away, takes on a fighting position and tried to protect him. When he falls, Spain attempts to help Netherlands. He got himself a weapon and said “Leave (my) Netherlands alone!” but also failed. In the end, when the event is over, a half-naked, asleep, Spain is on top of Netherlands

Netherlands protects Spain.

. Netherlands only comments are, "What the hell?”.

They also appeared in two unfinished strips. One of them shows how Spain trying to make friendly contact with the Netherlands. The second strip presents their Christmas dinner in the restaurant. Spain is very energetic and happy while the Netherlands radiates an evil aura. This is how they brought waiter to the tears.

Fan SpeculationsEdit


Fans sometimes speculate that the scar on Netherlands's forhead is from Spain. As well as that Spain gave Netherlands the scarf when the latter was a teenager.

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