• Berwaldludwig

    My college entrance exams are too near now and as a preparation for my upcoming exams, I'm going to practice my English skills (which is the hardest for me rather than Math or Science 'cause it's our Second Language) by making a fanfiction (an example of an activity where you are learning while having fun at the same time). I'm a fan of Sweden so he's going to be the main character for my fanfic. I will also include Finland (by the way, the genre my fanfic would be Romance). But, I have a problem. I read some fanfics of Sweden's fans, where Sweden speaks like this "I l've y'" and "Do y' w'nt me t' help?". I don't know how to write like that so if anyone here knows how, please ... Teach me. Thanks in advance.

    [.Berwald Ludwig.]

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