I can't believe this,I heard that the hetalia can sing(of course!XD),like the vocaloid,called Hetaloid,it states that songs or musics are from vocaloid,but the voices are from the hetalia characters,of course i'd search in google,after listening to their (AWESOME! XD)music,I was like:God, I love(like addict) their voices so much! Im trying to say this to the Hetalia fans,who still does'nt know this;I know alot of fans know Hetaloid,but who cares! I have nothing to do in my home...

(Hehe,I already know this last year ago,sorry if I took too long to share to it to everybody...-_-)

Try listening this musics Hetaloid musics:

1)Romeo and Juliet [Sung by:Japan] 

2)Magnet [Sung by:Hetalia pairings]

3)Stargazer [Sung by:America]

4)Fire Flower [Sung by:America]

5)World's End Dancehall [Sung by:England & Japan]

6)Insanity [Sung:Poland] 0_0

7)Love is war [Sung by: Russia or Poland]

8)Bad Apple [Sung by:America & England]

9)Night Fever [Sung by:Japan or Nihonloid] (yeah,Nihonloid,I tell you the details later...)

10)Crippled Homeland [Sung by:Japan]

11)Spice [Sung by:Italy]

12)Senbonzakura [Sung by:Japan]

13)Happy Synthesizer [Sung by:England & Japan]

14)Trick or Treat [Sung by:Italy & His Brother Romano]

And the last But not the least                                                                                                                           (My Favorite for Last Year up to Now...)

15)Anti The ∞ Holic=Sung by: America & England or Gertalia,Or BOTH XD

You see the Nihonloid,right? that means Kiku(A.K.A Japan) already became a vocaloid or has join the vocaloid,Im not sure about it thought...I just saw it in the internet,Im still researching,if its a Fact or a just a Fan Speculations......

Heres the pic:,i:220&iact=rc&dur=640&sig=110540457669639182714&page=6&tbnh=174&tbnw=125&ndsp=25&tx=40&ty=98

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