Okay, so this WAS supposed to be another list, but I haven't found everything I'm looking for so here is this instead.

Uncyclopedia is a Wikia wiki (meaning it is one of our sister wikis), anyway, I was surfing through it today and ran across this:Un Hetalia

Basically it's making fun of Hetalia, but in a good way.

Here are some highlights:

Summary Paragraph:

"Axis Powers Hetalia (from hetare, "useless", and Italia, duh!) was Hayao Miyazaki's weird attempt at promoting fascism via cute yaoi boys. Needless to say it worked, specially among teenage girls who never had sex and likely never will."

Under a shot of the first manga cover:

The cutest extremists and dictators ever.

The Unholy Trinity (The Axis):

The protagonists, who promote fascism and mass murder, as well as jaywalking.

Northern Italy (イタリア, Itaria)

The heir of the Roman Empire who does absolutely nothing but to eat pasta, sleep and occasionally make paintings about how WWIII will be. He's an absolute coward who faints just by breaking a nail, and a depraved bisexual who either spends his time flirting with whores or serving as the sex toy for other nations.(...) Clearly the most evil of the three.

Germany (ドイツ, Doitsu)

Italy's tutor/coach/boss/friend/lover who suffers from several mental disorders thanks to Italy.(...) He loves strange DVD's which involve ropes and dogs, and carries a riding crop to discipline his lame ally.

Japan (日本, Nihon)

An otaku who constantly watches everyone in silence, back stabbing people, literally, stalking them and taking pictures of their secret moments with each other.(...) His favorite hobbies are to build giant mechas and to silently scream about what idiots all the other countries are. He is a closet pervert, doujin artist, loli and a Code Geass fan boy.

Bonuses you'll find on the page:



Thinking "LOL WTF" then realizing "OMG this is actually fairly accurate"

Wandering if any other page has the Categories "Anime | Italy | Homosexuality | Fictional Characters | Germany | Japan | Racists | Nazis | Evil"


I can't actually read Japanese so here are some highlights:

America 二つ名:HERO☆・鬼畜眼鏡メ夕ポ

Russia presented by[?]

S.Korea 日本の起源はオレなんだぜスペシャル2010MAXはまだまだ未来永劫続くよ![wtf]

Extra Hitler

Also comes in Traditional and Simplified Chinese

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