I'm thinking of getting a new DeviantArt soon, mainly for any new art or works I might do. Mainly because I'm getting older, and trolls/stalkers have gotten to be pretty ridiculous when you've left behind one fandom, but they won't leave YOU behind (pff). I'm considering possibly keeping my old one as a cosplay account, but I dunno. I figure all changes will be in place by my 21st birthday, though.

dA really is only good for some art and some discussion though, IMO. It's been pretty downhill, and I don't really like the drama that carries over to there. I've had "that" name since I was 16, and I feel it's time to move on at least a little bit. The South Park fandom really went downhill, and I was involved in it for too long and a lot more than I should have been. All I got in the end was a lot of hell. Surprisingly, Hetalia's been smoother...except for some recent bouts of idiocy in the fandom related to whether you can speak your mind or not about the series (apparently you are a "stupid bitch" if you have an opinion but don't actually write or draw any fanworks for it), and of course character and character fan-bashing and shipwars 8|. Any new/alt account I have will be a ~secret~ anyway, except to the people that won't backstab and cause retarded fandom drama for cheap "lulz".

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