There was a bit of an electrical blackout today and I had a bit of a late start waking up. It was a nice surprise to see that someone had posted the audio of Episode 42 to the main LJ community, though!

The comments that I read on 2ch last night about this episode basically amounted to: "Boobs" "Nice boobs" "Love Ukraine's boobs" etc., and Belarus' voice being horrible.

From the preview images on the Hetalia site, Ukraine's anime hair color looks odd when shown next to Belarus. I liked that they gave Ukraine a platinum/beige color like her brother (rather than some ungodly lemon yellow "blonde"), but the two sisters look so odd with those hair colors when shown side-by-side. They also gave Ukraine a yellow headband, rather than a blue or white one.

It's actually great to have a MKC that isn't one of the Axis ones for once. And I've noticed that when they used Germany and Japan's versions, they skipped the first verse in the chorus and went to the second one. With Russia, the first is used.

Ukraine sounds cute. Belarus, though...well, they got the "creepy" part right at least, but her voice is definitely different than what I expected. On the brighter side, both girls get an eyecatch for the episode.

I can hear what all the fuss is about with Ukraine's boobs too, though I wonder how all that will look in animation (DEEN's animation quality for this series is quite stiff/cheap a lot of the time, and it shows).

Runtime of 42 in the mobile webcast is approximately 5:32, with the Italy bumpers and France ad included. It's hard to gauge how many of the earlier episodes had bumpers/ads in their original broadcasts, as some sound files tend to clip them out and most video uploads do as well.

Upcoming Episodes

43: More of the sisters, hopefully with the Baltics and Italy brothers parts included and the cute little Chibislavs flashback.

44: Liechtenstein and Switzerland stuff, though I wonder if there will be other segments unrelated to them. It seemed to happen like that in season 1.

45: More Switz/Liech, with Liechtenstein's origin. I've been wanting to see that bit for some time, plus we get to see Liechtenstein with her braids!

46-52: Guess we'll have to wait 'til the end of this month for the next Comic Birz, which will have summaries for 46-50, unless this is the last season and they want to cover the whole stretch.

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