In the middle of still not feeling well and not doing very well in Geology, I see there's been more fuss here. I hope I can at least do well on the Geology final, though I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to retake that course in a semester or two. I definitely have to get through the Spanish final too, lucky that I just stick with two courses (what with all the work I get loaded down with).

I like Netherlands/Holland's design quite a bit! I see Pixiv does too, though it seems fans are debating if his hair is light brown or dark blond from that sketch. It looks kind of ambiguous to me with how Himaruya did a speed-coloring on it, I guess we'll see if he draws him again any time soon. Cameroon looks cool too, we got another African nation and another glasses guy in the cast now.

I'd kind of like to see Himaruya take on some of the other teams, though South Africa would be a very tricky matter. I've been so curious to see Mexico and Portugal though, or see if he'd draw a North Korea just for that occasion (or would he be a silhouette like Netherlands was?). I wonder if he'd have some of them be females and have some girls in sport uniforms too, that'd be pretty neat. I think the Italy brothers would look particularly cute in their uniforms!

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