First off: Episode 34's page seems a little less likely at being done before 35's subs come. If anyone else wants to take up the reins on doing episode guides, that'd be awesome. I actually thought I was going to be slower at them once season 2 (and school) came around, but it took longer than I thought for that to happen.

Plus the situation of finding a good subbed copy plays into this. Usually, I wouldn't have to rely on the sub copy so much, but it makes things easier. Since 35 is coming out tomorrow, the guide will already be be behind on one episode (and depending on how fast 35's subs come, that may lag too).

It's hard to think of many trivia "notes" for 34 at hand, though Romano did appear to be drawn off-model in that episode (along with Greece at the end). I wonder if we'll see Greece depicted with the shorter hair in 35, since contrary to the loglines, it's mainly the "Olympics" strip (with Canada being a small portion).

Anyway, here are a few cute/interesting MADs for Hetalia before I go:

  • Cute chibis: No clue what anime this is based off of, but I love the style. So cute!
  • Servant Of Evil, Italy version: I have desperately been trying to find out the name of the artist who made these videos (and fanart and doujinshi related to them). I've seen some pictures of their doujinwork floating around from time to time. They seem to favor the Italies, Spain, and Austria in general.
  • Re_birthday, Italy version (doujinshi MAD): To my knowledge, there is no fully-animated MAD for Re_birthday for Hetalia yet, Italy-related or other. All I've seen so far is this, which uses doujin art for its basis. It's also not the full version of the song, but it's still pretty. The artist also looks like the one for the "Gibusu" video with Spain/Romano too.
  • Hetalia Note: Death Note opening 2 w/Hetalia characters. Ah, even if the DN anime sucked in comparison to the manga in retrospect, hearing this crazy opening again is a nostalgia rush in a way.

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