As mentioned in the last post, there are a number of pictures that are "lost" on the official Hetalia webcomic site...yet there are a bunch that are not fully lost, just hidden from public view. The first revelation came with the fanwikis, and with playing around with a few of the "hidden" picture filenames to see if there were any more.

2ch has been helpful in other spots, and a fellow fan discovered the entire strip set of MoeKan by playing around with a filename from one of the pictures done for the series (that looked like FemKorea, except with some differences in the design).

So here we go! I won't be hotlinking to all the images on Kitayume's server though. I'll upload what I can on Tinypic, to spare bandwidth. And of course, if there is need for any of these images on the wiki (other than what I've already uploaded), all the better!

Italy Brothers

There's a few more, but this will be enough for this post, I think. You can find the "lost" picture about HRE's fate at this link though:

Some stuff on the girls




I've seen a few other pics, but those will be for another post. These two can be found on the wiki though!

Female Korea and MoeKan


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