There are a lot of pages to take care of now, especially in concern to human names vs. country names. Since we'll be giving focus to their main names, the redundancies about what they represent can be removed (and maybe the country name in the lede can link to the wiki articles on it).

I'm thinking the "In the anime" sections can be shortened dramatically too, since the anime is an ongoing thing and to note every appearance would be problematic (especially for the main characters).

Shipping articles definitely will be part of the revamp, but I'm wary of being the one to touch those as I've gotten an aversion to them. We might need a new sort of template or lead to follow from for the revised character articles, but hopefully they can be pulled off smoothly!

Anything else with human names will be subjected to the same "countryfication". Maybe we can do a further article on the name etymologies as suggested, as a supplement to the spelling debates. So let's hope for the best here! Today is the start of the new Hetalia Archives format :D

So let's see what goals we have:

  • Mass revamp of character articles, shipping articles, and anything to do with the names. We probably also need much English correction and streamlining of the character articles aside from the name issue.
  • Deletion of anything to do with videos on the wiki, if they haven't already been removed. Video articles can also be removed and maybe some of the videos from the "meme" article can be folded with them into a new subpage.
  • APH reordered to HAP for works that use that latter order, or for both titles to be referenced.
  • I think it was decided we'd reference the Asian human names in Western order, but a note could be put for the original Eastern orders too. It kind of annoys me when people think Korea's given name is Im Yong, or Im (it's Yongsoo! Im is the surname D: ), but it's sort of an easy mistake if they're not used to Korean names I guess.
  • Cleaning out duplicate files or fanart on the wiki. I see a fanart of Monaco on the Misc. character gallery, I recognize it from Pixiv.
  • Um...what other ideas did we have? Suggestions, reminders? XD:

Edited to add: Maybe we should have a head count of who's still around here in any capacity? I haven't seen some folks around in a while, but everyone has their reasons. It'd be cool to get an idea of how many people we have around and who's still around to make sure trolls don't sneak up.

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