I really can't believe how many blog posts I've made so far, let alone all the edits and pages I've done for it this year. Pretty freaky.

So Episodes 41-45 are now known, which leaves 46-52 in question. Spie's theory about season 2ending with Pact Of Steel/Lietuvis seems very likely now, unless they pull another kind of swerve. I have noticed a pattern though:

  • Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire get versions of the ending theme, and they wind up with filler scenes dedicated to them.
  • Switzerland and Liechtenstein get versions, and they're scheduled for at least two episodes in this season.
  • Poland and Lithuania have versions, and Poland will be showing up sometime soon. So we probably will get some stuff from 4 and 5 with those two, if not all of their scenes.
  • Austria and Prussia have versions, so I presume "War Of Austrian Succession" will in fact be adapted (46 and/or 47? After all, young England does cameo there and one of his designs had the "in episode 46" caption with it).

I guess now we can see why Sweden and Finland don't get versions, as well as how they've cut scenes out involving them. Maybe if DEEN ever adapts their strips in the far-off future?

I think the only way Spain would be able to get a version is if they adapted the "Boss Spain" stories, since that's the biggest story featuring him. Hungary...sadly, does not have much of her own story. She's mainly featured with Austria or Prussia, and both of them got paired together for a MKC (this is why we can only hope for more, provided DEEN doesn't screw it up somehow).

I guess season 3 would be needed to "finish up" Canada's strips if he isn't relegated to a side-story in any of this last stretch. How in-character of Canada to be ignored by the anime team, though (yet kind of sad). Seychelles might as well be removed from the anime cast listing until further notice. It's odd that they'd bother casting her for one line in a drama CD if she wasn't to feature in some extent outside of it, but one could ask why the heck they bothered casting Sweden and giving him a role in one (and having him speak one line in one episode) if they were just going to forget him eventually.

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