The movie's out in Japan now, and some spoilers are starting to leak into 2ch. Like the fool I am, I am refreshing and trying to read what I can about it. It seems like the early Prussia marketing was one big swerve as thought: He barely appears. Such is the nature of Prussia.

A certain other character does get screentime in this film though, and it's not just Iceland. It's...that island. Yes, the island. The character that we love to hate. The one that should have its own ending theme with how much screentime it's gotten. Forget Chibitalia, forget Rome and those other guys, the ultimate trolling technique would be to give this island its own character song or CD. You know there would be buyers for it too. The island even has its own pairing buddy: the white flag planted in its sand. The love between the island and the flag is a very special thing, more special than any "special relationship" for sure. They need their own duet...and now I shall stop with the island joking.

Switzerland and Liechtenstein have minor-ish roles, they seem to be in some kind of subplot in the film. Sealand's there, but a minor role too. The "World 8" steal the show, naturally. There are some posts praising the animation and art style of the film as better than the anime, shame that the effort had to be put all in here but eh. However, there are also posts criticizing the film's predictable plot line and saying that their expectations were "disastrous" or something. Well yeah, an alien invasion is pretty much a stock cliche by now (but I wonder how cliched they handled it?). There's criticism about the handling of the minor characters too, many only appear just briefly like the Baltics (Baltics fans aren't too happy). Yahoo Japan's movie reviews seem to be pretty negative so far too, reviewers either giving the film 1 star or 2. The reviews seem to say that the film is too dull, shameful, and not worth watching unless you like the characters. I guess it shouldn't be much of a surprise with the studio and production team handling something longer than just 5 minutes @_@.

Other minor characters in the film!:

  • Prussia (of course)
  • Iceland (of course...)
  • Canada (and naturally, he has no big presence)
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Romano
  • The Baltics
  • Poland
  • Cuba
  • Chibitalia (cue squeals from part of the fandom, "WTF" groans from others)
  • Holy Roman Empire (Ditto. I don't know how they're involved in this so far...)
  • Rome (Go figure. The soundtrack spoiled this "twist" with that island too.)

Waiting to see other details and characters if any...

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