Well, I checked 2ch as I remembered there was to be a big announcement in Japan today about Hetalia. And I found it out: There will be a MOVIE (or OVA) version of Hetalia, out early next year or so. Gentosha Comics' site confirms it!:

Sadly, it seems there won't be a season 3. Or hopefully Studio DEEN is testing the waters with the movie and season 2. I need to see more of the characters and stories in the anime! Plus for characters like Sweden, Hungary, etc. to get versions of "Marukaite Chikyuu" (come on, if Chibitalia can get one...).

Also, it appears volume 3 finally has a release date, if I read right. Spring 2010!

I just hope the Hetalia movie is some nice new material (whether original or adapted from the original webcomic storylines), and not "that f*cking island" again. Seriously, if the OVA/movie is that? That'd be such an evil thing XD D:

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