• Chibi Chibi Sami

    that England began singing The Phantom of the Opera from the musical The Phantom of the Opera? It was during the final Chibimerica episode whilst he was carrying little sleeping Chibimerica.

    In all reality he wasn't singing it, per se (at least, it wasn't to the regular tune), but more like reciting it. During part of it he was "thinking" over it but once he stopped, you could hear "and do I dream again? For now I find-" and then he stops and starts thinking about how he'll have to take care of Chibimerica from then on.

    At first I was just, like, "what? I totally know that song!" and then I rewound it, only to find it was from The Phantom of the Opera, which is one of my favorite musicals ever.

    Now, I'm sort of going to complain. The Phantom of th…

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