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    I'm sorry for the comments that I made yesterday, but, I think my life's in denial. I'm REALLY stressed out because of my research project at my school (885 points! D:), and I got really stressed out because I got a 66% (D) on one of my Geometry assignments. I was crying about it at home, and I hate to admit it, but I cry everyday due to personal issues at home (Don't get freaked out, my parents and I just argue a lot.). And the blog post yesterday wasn't intentional, it was because my parents had found out that I got a D and they were lecturing me (It's mostly my dad, but...) like crazy. I don't hate Russia that much, but it seems like I'm starting to hate everything now that I'm studying extra-hard. I always get freaked out if I ge…

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    My message to you all out there: If you guys are REALLY bothered by my blog, why don't you just ignore me and just not read it? And I would like to help provide some accurate info about Hetalia, but it seems as though some other people already posted it, and so I can't help it sometimes. And you should know that I REALLY don't hate Russia that much, but I just get so angry and all that, due to some personal issues, so I don't do that a lot. Just to let you guys know. And I'm sorry for what I've done, but just to let you know, I'm not really like that.

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    Guten Tag!

    So today I'm going to write about my Likes and Dislikes for Ludwig (aka Germany or Doitsu). Enjoy!

    My Likes and Dislikes about Germany


    • Rio's Carnival. Tee-hee. XD
    • Bratwurst is good.....
    • I want to see him drink beer one time.
    • Possible Holy Roman Empire!
    • Doitsu is a fun name to say.
    • He always has to rescue Italy. O_O
    • I like his Marukaite Chikyuu!
    • And....I can't really find out what else I should say that I like about that's it for the likes.
    • He helped China during the first few years of the Second Sino-Japanese War!


    • He's too strict....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR HIMMMMMM!!!!!!
    • He practically has no generally, he's not funny....
    • Crazy Boss = Adolf Hitler XD
    • Too much red-faced action going on.
    • For some reason he is ju…

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    Ciao, people!

    I've been feeling very bored recently, and there is nothing really going on about my life, so for the next few blog posts I'm probably just going to write about what I think about each of the characters. So until something interesting comes up, I'm just going to write random junk about Hetalia. The only thing I can think about is that tomorrow, on January 18, 2010, I'm going to audition for a part in community theater production of Disney's Sleeping Beauty Kids! Wish me luck! ^_^

    So today I'm just going to write about my likes and dislikes about Italy (aka Feliciano Vargas). I really don't know which member of the Axis Powers I like the's so hard to decide...but Italy's one of my favorite characters, so my "Dislikes"…

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