Hello everybody!

Today is my final day in Las Vegas before I go back to my hometown (Do you really expect me to tell you what my hometown is? Privacy people!). :'-( I know, it's sad, but you can't just stay on vacation for your whole life. You've got to worry about school, studying, and other educational activities so you can get into a good college, get a good job, and live a prosperous and good life. Or at least that's my standards for my life. :-P

So today we drove out of the state to go to Zion National Park in Utah. It was a beautiful park, with lots of rustic red colored rock and beautiful snow. We even saw a few wildlife species, such as deer and turkeys. We took a lot of pictures of the scenery and of course the cute little deer (there were so many of them, surprisingly). There were tons of turkeys too, but they're not really that hard to spot! ;-)

So yesterday when I came back from shopping and my parents went to the casino, I decided to prank-call my mom! My friend Heinkel told me about which she used for prank-calling people, so I picked out the Jerry Seinfeld themed one. In the call, I put everything from the "Take off your pants" and the "Nazi" quote. She received the message when she came back, so she started freaking out like "Oh my gosh, who's calling me?"

So good-bye Las Vegas, and Good-bye everyone for now! *blows kiss*



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