Guten Tag!

So today I'm going to write about my Likes and Dislikes for Ludwig (aka Germany or Doitsu). Enjoy!

My Likes and Dislikes about Germany


  • Rio's Carnival. Tee-hee. XD
  • Bratwurst is good.....
  • I want to see him drink beer one time.
  • Possible Holy Roman Empire!
  • Doitsu is a fun name to say.
  • He always has to rescue Italy. O_O
  • I like his Marukaite Chikyuu!
  • And....I can't really find out what else I should say that I like about that's it for the likes.
  • He helped China during the first few years of the Second Sino-Japanese War!


  • He's too strict....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR HIMMMMMM!!!!!!
  • He practically has no generally, he's not funny....
  • Crazy Boss = Adolf Hitler XD
  • Too much red-faced action going on.
  • For some reason he is just not one of my favorite characters and he keeps bugging me for some reason.....
  • He betrayed China in the Second Sino-Japanese War for Japan! That's you're punishment, Germany! LOSING THE WAR!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

And there you have it, my likes and dislikes about Germany! Auf Wiedersehen! *blows kiss*


-Katie :-)

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