Alright, just so everyone who sees this knows, I'm new. Very new. I've been recently introduced to the Hetalia fandom, and I'm in love with it. ^-^ I am particularily fond of Australia, as you've hopefully already figured out, and I would like to find out as much about his character as I can. So any info you have on him at all would be greatly appreciated. History, relations to other APH characters, or just random trivia, anything would be helpful!

I am aware that he is not one of the main characters yet, and if I'm correct, his appearances have been scarce. So I know I won't get a whole lot of information about him just yet, but I'll take what I get.


As for his appearance, I have found many fanart photos of him, through various sites. The picture I'm using now is not my own work nor is it used with permission, but I liked how it depicted Aussie, so I thought I'd use it for now. ->

NOTE: To Anyone looking for a challenge, I would really like a nicely created pic of Aussie, just so I could have one that no one else does. Thanks, in advance!

-Christian Kirkland

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