Like many, I saw the episode clip Funimation released with Russia's dub actor, Jerry Jewell - and, while I realized the dialogue was different, I was fairly pleased with the casting choice, and went on with my life. But, since I recently started a fan-made video using original Japanese clips of that episode, I realized that Funimation cut a sizable proportion of the original footage out of that one little scene, along with completely changing the original topic of discussion (i.e. the cold).

To me... I don't know... it sort of reeked of something 4Kids would do to a scene, though, since no censorship is involved here, I'm not really sure as to why it was done. And, I haven't seen footage cut from any other Funimation dubs I've seen (i.e. Fullmetal Alchemist, Spiral), which makes me wonder...

Thoughts? Feel free to comment.


Okay, I am officially an idiot... I got the episodes mixed up and flipped out over nothing... =_=; (*goes to hide in corner*)

On the other hand, now that I know, I do feel better knowing that I was wrong, and, therefore, can be more satisfied with the direction in which this dub is going - thanks, everyone :)

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