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    01:你好★中国 (うた:甲斐田 ゆき)

    01: Hello★China 02:あいやぁ四千年。(うた:甲斐田 ゆき)

    02: Aiyaa Four thousand years.


    03: Mini Drama "Asia and Western festivals"


    taken from here

    I know it's too early to say, but what are your thoughts? Looking forward to it? Think they'll screw it up?

    Release date of the CD: 24th of March, but Russia's CD came out approx 2-3 days early.

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    Perhaps we should edit out a lot of text about particular strips and more of a general overview. I do it a lot, but looking back over it, it's a lot of text and doesn't really give the general idea of the relationship.

    e.g. - From France's page, his relation to N.Italy

    Francis grew up with a small Chibitalia, but after Chibitalia returned from spending time with Roman Empire, Francis only wanted to control Italy. Feliciano refers to Francis as 'France nii-chan' in strips set in both the past and present. When Feliciano was a teenager, he visited Francis again and asked him 'what is intercourse?' while reading a book. Francis replied by saying that intercourse is something you do with someone you like and finishes with 'So Italy... do you like…

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    Anyway... dates for the last 3 episodes of season 2 are:

    Episode 50: Streams on January 8th.
    Episode 51: Streams on February 26th.

    Episode 52: Streams on March 5th.

    I'm just wondering, why the long wait? Is there something big DEEN is working on? Maybe it has something to do with the movie or season 3?

    's long wait for a 5 minute animation.

    (first blog so I didn't know I could edit... probably should have guessed) link to source

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