• FH14

    Moving Forward

    May 14, 2011 by FH14

    We had the discussion for the repurposing of this open for the past week - well advertised on all the character and episode pages asking people to participate. The consensus of myself and the other members I have spoken with is to move forward with a restructuring, and we didn't get any objections to this from any of the members here beyond the request to keep the pages up during the remainder of the Shoutwiki's downtime, which has since passed.

    The canon character and episode info will still be available, abeit in a consolidated form on the List of Hetalia: Axis Powers characters and List of Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes pages. The music/games section will be reformated to contain pages on notable fan music / videos / games (I mean really p…

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  • FH14


    The Shout-wiki site is back online as of a few minutes ago. The site is still in the process of reuploading all the wiki information so editing is temporarily locked (or at least it displays a message warning you not to edit quite yet.) but we will resume there once the process is complete, which should be soon.

    The main page and sidebar need to be manually restored once editing is unlocked, but everything else appears unaffected. In the meantime here are some handy links for everyone:…

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  • FH14

    Repurposing this Wiki

    March 23, 2011 by FH14


    So basically now that the spam-ridden pages have been opened up again by the lovely people running wikia we're going to try to repurpose this place to host some other form of information regarding Hetalia. (Like maybe an archive for roleplays and fansites and such). Either way, this site hasn't been an accurate source of info on the show for a while and even if some crazy optimistic out there wanted to revitalize this place, it would probably require a mass deletion to start over in compiling info.

    EDIT: Basically the majority of the people I have spoken with seem to think that the best way to utalize the site is to highlight the fanon, meme, and merchandising aspects. Pages like the Uniform Guide and Pairings will rema…

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  • FH14

    We've been getting an influx of new users to whom I'd like to say "Welcome!" ^_^

    However, due to the new Oasis layout that wikia has implemented, the link to the rules have been removed from the sidebar. *Shakes angry fist at wikia*

    The rules can be read here.

    One thing I would like to point out is a rule regarding userpages:

    "Please avoid uploading fanart for your user page (or for anything for that matter), even if it's yours. Fanart in your avatar is okay as your avatar is used throughout the Wikia system. Official images from other series (Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Gundam Wing, etc.) are also okay."

    An amendment I'd also like to clarify on (I spoke to Icelilly about this. I am not an admin, she is. The only reason I am posting this is because I…

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  • FH14

    I've been rereading a lot of the webcomic lately and I was wondering what strips people most wanted adapted as an anime segment. (This can include omake illustrations and both webcomic and published versions of strips).

    Personally, I would love to see "Traits Of Japanese People That Americans Have Noticed" just to see America's reactions to some of Japan's mannerisms, because they are never really shown onscreen (Why is your head lolling? Did your stock market fall? ^Freaks out and takes Japan to the hospital^)

    Another strip I would love to see "Let's Meet Estonia!" - it highlights a character that we've only seen play a minor supporting role so far in the anime (Estonia) and has some really funny moments in it. Oh, and you can't forget "Chi…

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