We've been getting an influx of new users to whom I'd like to say "Welcome!" ^_^

However, due to the new Oasis layout that wikia has implemented, the link to the rules have been removed from the sidebar. *Shakes angry fist at wikia*

The rules can be read here.

One thing I would like to point out is a rule regarding userpages:

"Please avoid uploading fanart for your user page (or for anything for that matter), even if it's yours. Fanart in your avatar is okay as your avatar is used throughout the Wikia system. Official images from other series (Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Gundam Wing, etc.) are also okay."

An amendment I'd also like to clarify on (I spoke to Icelilly about this. I am not an admin, she is. The only reason I am posting this is because I just spent the last 40 minutes tagging all the fanart I could find for deletion). Photographs are allowed (Nothing inappropriate obviously). The issue we have with fanart is that there have been several instances where fanart has been added under the mistaken impression that it was official. Also, it eats up space on our system.

Also, If you have any questions about anything Hetalia-related, Please don't post a blog about it. Instead, please visit Hetalia: Axis Powers Answers and submit a question and someone will answer it for you. (this also used to be on the sidebar. -_-')

  • Gets his use of the bold function revoked forever*

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