We had the discussion for the repurposing of this open for the past week - well advertised on all the character and episode pages asking people to participate. The consensus of myself and the other members I have spoken with is to move forward with a restructuring, and we didn't get any objections to this from any of the members here beyond the request to keep the pages up during the remainder of the Shoutwiki's downtime, which has since passed.

The canon character and episode info will still be available, abeit in a consolidated form on the List of Hetalia: Axis Powers characters and List of Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes pages. The music/games section will be reformated to contain pages on notable fan music / videos / games (I mean really popular stuff like HetaOni and Hetalia Unlimited. Clearer criteria will be up soon once we are ready to move forward with that section's expansion). Also, a meme's section will be expanded from the page that currently exists, though how that will be organized will be another discussion that me or another member will open up soon.

The Pairings section, Uniform Guides, and Manga section will be left more-or-less intact (i.e. they probably need to be cleaned up a bit for spam and such but beyond that they'll stay the way they are right now).

One thing that WILL NOT be on this wiki: fanfiction and original characters. This will not become a wiki for you to advertise your headcanon or fanworks. If you want to do that, go look for a wikia that specializes in those areas (I'm sure there's about four of them dedicated to OCs to be honest).

The changeover begins now, and I'd like user imput on a new name for this place. It will still be "Hetalia Archives" but with a new end tag on the end. (i.e. "Hetalia Archives Trends" or something). Suggestions are welcome (and encouraged) in the comments below.

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