I've been rereading a lot of the webcomic lately and I was wondering what strips people most wanted adapted as an anime segment. (This can include omake illustrations and both webcomic and published versions of strips).

Personally, I would love to see "Traits Of Japanese People That Americans Have Noticed" just to see America's reactions to some of Japan's mannerisms, because they are never really shown onscreen (Why is your head lolling? Did your stock market fall? ^Freaks out and takes Japan to the hospital^)

Another strip I would love to see "Let's Meet Estonia!" - it highlights a character that we've only seen play a minor supporting role so far in the anime (Estonia) and has some really funny moments in it. Oh, and you can't forget "China Melancholy" - I want Russia to appear in the panda costume.

So what strips do you want adapted for the anime? Even if there ones that most likely won't get an adaption (any strip prominently featuring South Korea comes to mind) list them off! ^_^

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