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    (am I allowed to post this?)

    They are only previews of the songs.

    Sorry if you already found this or this was already posted somewhere XD

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    It's the full version, not subbed yet :3

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    If you have the time, please look at this.

    Hi, hello. Recently, I've been interested in the site,

    As I kept using it, I noticed that there are many many accounts dedicated to hetalia. In fact, I would guess about 100 or so.

    If you are interested, please look at the list I have created on livejournal of hetalia blogs on tumblr that I really wanted to share here.

    Most blogs consists of fanarts of hetalia characters and also role playing as a character, if you are not interested in this then you do not have to check this out.

    Here is my list

    You do not need a tumblr account to view them, but I would suggest to make one. Also, if you have a tumblr, why not share it? :D Here is mine. Also, please tell me if I have made any type of mistake,…

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    July 22, 2010 by Fadingnightfall

    Hello there :D

    About Scotland, I've seen a few fanarts of him, and I was wondering if he really did look like that? I usually wonder if the fanarts of the minor characters are correct, since I don't check Himaruya's blog.

    Picture One

    Picture Two

    Thank you!

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