If you have the time, please look at this.

Hi, hello. Recently, I've been interested in the site,

As I kept using it, I noticed that there are many many accounts dedicated to hetalia. In fact, I would guess about 100 or so.

If you are interested, please look at the list I have created on livejournal of hetalia blogs on tumblr that I really wanted to share here.

Most blogs consists of fanarts of hetalia characters and also role playing as a character, if you are not interested in this then you do not have to check this out.

Here is my list

You do not need a tumblr account to view them, but I would suggest to make one. Also, if you have a tumblr, why not share it? :D Here is mine. Also, please tell me if I have made any type of mistake, missed a blog or if there is another list like mine.

Thank you for looking at this, I am sorry for taking up your time. I'm kind of a timid person, so it feels a little awkward doing this...

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