Wy and Seborga are cute. But what about Mexico and India?

That's what I've been thinking about since the recent introduction of the two micronations. Whoo, Sealand now has playmates, but where are the big, actual nations of the world who feature in many current events? Mexico and India were just the first to spring to mind when I started limiting myself in thinking (and looking at a world map) by the genres of Hetalia--the fact that it's mostly for laughs disqualifies most of the Middle East and Africa nations (famine, wars on terrorism, and the horrendous stereotypes often associated with those nations aren't funny), but what of other nations? I often hear the Filipino Hetalia community going, where's our nation-tan? What about Brazil? Portugal? If we're getting down to a smaller level, what about Ireland, Scotland, or hell, Jamaica? Stereotypes abound there, and we already have Cuba to set the precedent for Caribbean islands.

Bottom line, I'm a little perplexed by the fact that micronations are getting character designs while established, well-known nations aren't. I don't want to sound like 'ye woman who can't be appeased', but really? I understand Himaruya can't do everything but, keeping this in mind, I'm mystified by the fact that he took the time to look up these tiny micronations when he could just open the morning paper for material on actual nations that interact with previously designed nations to a greater extent. It seems like misplaced effort.



P.S. I'm just as happy as the next chick that there's now another Hetalia girl, but couldn't we have a bonny, red-headed lass in Ireland or Scotland? Or a fiery Latina in Mexico or Brazil? I'm not hating on my own gender, or anything of Hidekaz's creation, really. I'm just... mystified.

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