• General tiu

    France's seiyuu

    August 1, 2011 by General tiu

    Warning: NSFW. You are warned.

    I found this list of what people call the sexiest seiyuu around. I was expecting female seiyuu, but the top of the list is no other than Masaya Onosaka/France. Romi Paku/Switzerland landed on 10th.

    Seriously, this was a good idea. But

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  • General tiu

    Green Dam Girl

    November 27, 2010 by General tiu

    It's the Green Dam Girl making a cameo appearance!

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  • General tiu

    I read some Alternative History forums, and I am amused that Hetalia is included on them. Alternate History deals with What-if scenarios such as what if the South won the Civil War.

    Is anyone wanting such discussion?

    Here's an example.

    What if The CSA won his fight from America?

    I like some replies.

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  • General tiu

    About OCs...

    October 18, 2010 by General tiu

    I read some journal in DeviantArt about one's OC. That person is Lo-Wah, who had an OC North Korea.

    This is referring to the poll i had a couple days ago (which you can't really see anymore... 8/) This is going to be a little tl;dr so don't read if you don't like long scary journals. I apologize if I sound egotistical, but this is a very personal issue to me...

    Why was I even thinking about disowning Hyung Soo, my APH North Korea OC?

    This is an interesting question, and it's hard for me to answer...

    About Hyung Soo.... The reason why i asked that question is because his design has become so canon that he is no longer "Hyung Soo," but he is now just "North Korea." If you ever talked to me about Hyung Soo, i never call him "North Korea" i always…

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  • General tiu

    First, Hetalia, now a zombie anime?

    Just because there is a character that was suspiciously looks like a Korean pop star some Korean blowhards are trying to take out this anime?

    I thought this was limited to Hetalia. But now this...

    Apparently, this was abetted by Korean fangirls of the said pop star who starred in Winter Sonata...

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