• Haruhiryu

    So...I'm planning a sort of trivia game for my group's hetalia day >w< but at the moment, I'm kind of stuck. I'm trying to figure out one final question. I have questions already made and I would just like input on which is the hardest. Please tell me which question is the most difficult for you (without looking info up)? (btw...because I don't want people to steal the trivia without working for it, I won't be putting down the also...PLEASE DON'T ANSWER THEM!!!)

    1. In the Hatafutte Parade, N Italy version, what song was inserted?
    2. Can America see mystical creatures(excluding Tony)? If so, when?
    3. When traveling abroad(during his year of exploration), what animals did China bring back home to show his boss?
    4. In Spain's marukaite, which ch…
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  • Haruhiryu

    Prussia's Cleaning game

    September 21, 2010 by Haruhiryu I was looking on Himaruya's blog today...and I think the first new entry states that if you downloaded the 2nd version of Prussia's cleaning game(mac version), and you play the whole game through twice...supposedly you get an England scene...

    is that what the entry says? I'm still not too good at Japanese...but that's what it looked like to me

    ...also can anyone confirm? (like they ACTUALLY got the scene from the game)

    ...if this is true...I'll be extremely irritated at himaruya -sensei >___< England!!!! Why aren't you on the windows version!!! TT^TT

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  • Haruhiryu

    Who's your fav character?

    September 16, 2010 by Haruhiryu

    As stated above: who is your fav character(s)? (7 max) Please don't include allies/axis

    if you're wondering why I'm asking...well...aph day is coming up, and in Hawaii we're doing a picnic thing, and I'm taking care of some games

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  • Haruhiryu

    Chibisan Date

    September 12, 2010 by Haruhiryu

    ...not really sure if I can post this here...but I am ^-^;;;...sorry in advance if I shouldn't >__<

    umm...anway...did anyone know that Tokyopop is planning to release Chibisan Date? or is this old news?...release date is 7/12/ can see it here

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  • Haruhiryu

    vol 4?

    August 26, 2010 by Haruhiryu

    so...I was just wondering, did Himaurya hint in his blog that there will be a vol 4? (I know that's not what he actually said, but stating something about a 4th book means it might be in the making, right?)

    was there any official announcement?...I don't really search for this stuff -__-;;;;

    ...gratzi in advance XD

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