So...I'm planning a sort of trivia game for my group's hetalia day >w< but at the moment, I'm kind of stuck. I'm trying to figure out one final question. I have questions already made and I would just like input on which is the hardest. Please tell me which question is the most difficult for you (without looking info up)? (btw...because I don't want people to steal the trivia without working for it, I won't be putting down the also...PLEASE DON'T ANSWER THEM!!!)

  1. In the Hatafutte Parade, N Italy version, what song was inserted?
  2. Can America see mystical creatures(excluding Tony)? If so, when?
  3. When traveling abroad(during his year of exploration), what animals did China bring back home to show his boss?
  4. In Spain's marukaite, which characters does he mention?
  5. What is Lithuania's capital?
  6. Poland once had full possession of Estonia and Latvia. Who later gained partial custody?
  7. What is Wyoming's capital? (...sooo...this question is based in a category called [World Map (America vision)] you understand? ;D ...if not...I'll explain it if someone asks)
  8. Who are the three characters in the continents of America?
  9. What special mark does Greece kitty(Greece's cat represented in nekotalia) have?
  10. What type of animal does Cameroon have as a pet? What is it's name?
  11. In one drawing, Wy is seen riding what?
  12. What pet(s) does Japan have/had? If they had a name, what is/was it?

I think the most difficult is either 2, 5, or 12...but my vote means nothing XP

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