so...I'm planning to do a trivia game for a fan get-together, and I really need help making good trivia questions...I have a few, but I kind of want more, just to be on the safe side...^-^;;; does anyone want to contribute?...if you contribute, please write it in an question format, with an answer...gratzi to all that contribute XD

also...I've put a few up, just to see how hard these are (these are some of my more questionable/difficult ones)...I'll post the answers later this week

  • In the Hetalia world, who are/were England's colonies? (I have 8...can you think of more?)
  • who "killed" HRE? (not really sure if my answer is correct)
  • who are England's older brothers...or people he may have at one time thought of as a brother? (taken from the storyline...I have 5)
  • what number was/is on America's jacket? what is historically wrong with this number?
  • who are the bad friends trio? sometimes another character joins them...who is it, and why does he join? (my answer...Prussia, France, and Spain...the other character was England, he supposedly joins when he's drunk...though most people were answering Denmark...guess this is scrapped xp)
  • name as many sibling pairings as you can (...not the way I worded it...but easier to ask this way right now ^-^;;;...I have 9...they must be mentioned in Hetalia, but they don't need a profile...btw...I'm not counting the N and S Korea) (edit...for this when naming them, please group them, like if there is more then two siblings put ____/____/____...otherwise it gets to long...gomen >__<;;;)

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