As stated above: who is your fav character(s)? (7 max) Please don't include allies/axis

if you're wondering why I'm asking...well...aph day is coming up, and in Hawaii we're doing a picnic thing, and I'm taking care of some games < of which is jeopardy. Simply...I need categories! The 8 allies/axis will have their own category, but I want 7 more character categories...I want the fans input so I can make questions that the fans will hopefully know. I am trying to get data from the people coming, but I don't know if that will be enough(especially if only have 5 people answer >___<), so I'm asking a wider group in the hetalia fandom.

Please be the weeks leading up to the event...I might be asking for your guys help again...thank you in advance for any input!!!

Gratzi!!! <3

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