Hehe, sorta like the Time Game, but this time it's your B-Day! Have fun XD

P.S. Only for girls XD


January: I hugged

February: I proposed to

March: I started crushing on

April: I kissed

May: I married

June: I had dinner with

July: I slept with

August: I partied with

September: I started dating

October: I killed

November: I ate with

December: I punched


1st: Canada

2nd: Lithuania

3rd: Austria

4th: Switzerland

5th: China

6th: Holy Roman Empire

7th: Hong Kong

8th: Russia

9th: Denmark

10th: Greece

11th: Sealand

12th: South Korea

13th: Cuba

14th: England

15th: North Italy

16th: Turkey

17th: South Italy

18th: Finland

19th: Chibitalia

20th: Germany

21st: Poland

22nd: America

23rd: Iceland

24th: Estonia

25th: France

26th: Norway

27th: Prussia

28th: Ancient Rome

29th: New Zealand

30th: Latvia

31st: Japan

Don't forget to leave a comment about what you got! XD

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