• Honda Kiku


    November 3, 2009 by Honda Kiku


    Obviously, I haven't been here long. Though, I've raped this little community of whatever it has to offer. I guess it kind of makes sense that I've finally decided to up and join it.

    Well, let me introduce myself, I guess. My real name is Shelly, but that's all I'll admit to, since my entire name reminds me of turtles. My friends, though, they call me... numerous different nicknames, which I really don't feel like listing. Most of them are embarrassing, anyway. Ehe, I've never really heard many people call me by my real name, actually...

    Also, I live in Ontario, Canada. I have a big sister (though she doesn't live with me), who's sort of a Hetalia fan, and she has a kitten named Tobias. I'd like to assume he was named after Norway…

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