Obviously, I haven't been here long. Though, I've raped this little community of whatever it has to offer. I guess it kind of makes sense that I've finally decided to up and join it.

Well, let me introduce myself, I guess. My real name is Shelly, but that's all I'll admit to, since my entire name reminds me of turtles. My friends, though, they call me... numerous different nicknames, which I really don't feel like listing. Most of them are embarrassing, anyway. Ehe, I've never really heard many people call me by my real name, actually...

Also, I live in Ontario, Canada. I have a big sister (though she doesn't live with me), who's sort of a Hetalia fan, and she has a kitten named Tobias. I'd like to assume he was named after Norway.

Anywho! I'm an avid roleplayer; doing so has been a hobby for me for over three years. My main characters? Japan, Denmark, and Sealand. Three characters that have absolutely nothing in common. Aside from maybe Denmark or Sealand, since... you know, Nordics. Or, in this case, Nordic and adopted-child-of-Nordics.

Am I babbling too much? Probably.

I don't just roleplay as those three, though. I can probably do any APH character, if I tried. Just because I am that obsessed.

Eh, now, time to rant on my favourite pairings, ja? My OTP... actually, scratch that. I don't have one. But, I do enjoy the following, which are not in any specific order;

- GreecexJapan

- EnglandxJapan

- FrancexJapan

- DenmarkxNorway

- SwedenxFinland

- AmericaxEngland

- SealandxLatvia

- GermanyxN.Italy

- RussiaxChina

- ChinaxJapan

- HongKongxKorea

- SpainxS.Italy

- S.ItalyxN.Italy

... I think that's it. Knowing me, I'm going to save this, look back on it, and realize that I forgot a whole bunch. You know, if I were to actually pick a favourite out of all of those... I'd have to say GreecexJapan. GiriPan is love. <3

Ah, what else to say, what else to say... Oh! I love music. I can't sing amazingly well, but at least I can sing in key, so it's not all that horrible. I play the piano and the flute, but I can't read piano music. I don't know why. Therefore, I play by ear.

I really wish to point out the fact that I want to travel the world, but I don't think that would be very unique, would it? I mean, us Hetalia fans... don't we all want to travel the world? I have a checklist of countries I've visited, but it's not nearly completely, yet. Canada and America are the only ones checked off. *Sweatdrop*

Oh, and I have one major obsession; Hetalia Gakuen Roleplays. I love the school concept, and I have no idea why.

... ThatandPirate!EnglandxJapan. *COUGH!*

♪ Tomato! ♫

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