Today, we celebrate Liechtenstein's Birthday, Liechtenstein, (human name, Lilli Zwingli) is known for her love for Switzerland, her adoptive brother, but, she is also very smart, and mature for her age, and Originally having been Austrian nobles, she is described as being rather high-tech. She is also social and has many friends. She has a level head, though she will clearly state her views. Her speaking pattern is rather formal, and she didn't seem to understand the informal greeting shared between Seychelles and Hong Kong. She was passed along many different nations throughout her life, which became rough and difficult for her after WWI due to a food shortage..... However, Liechtenstein was saved from her situation when Switzerland found her and adopted her as his sister!

And now, we have Liechtenstein's Birthday! Her birthday, July 12th, corresponds with the date that Liechtenstein was given full sovereignty after its accession to the Confederation Of The Rhine in 1806. on signing the Treaty of the Confederation of the Rhine, 16 states in present-day Germany formally left the Holy Roman Empire and joined together in a confederation. Napoleon was its "Protector" ..... On 6 August, following an ultimatum by Napoleon, Francis II gave up his title of Emperor and declared the Holy Roman Empire dissolved. ( awww. :T ) In the years that followed, 23 more German states joined the Confederation; Francis's Habsburg dynasty would rule the remainder of the empire as Austria. Only Austria,Prussia, Danish Holstein, and Swedish Pomerania stayed outside, not counting the west bank of the Rhine and Principality of Erfurt, which were annexed by the French empire.

Today, it is apart of Austria, The Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Poland.

Today apart of: ( click a country to learn more about it, if you want!~)

Czech Republic

Happy Birthday, Liechtenstein!!~ ( edit: pictures were removed, but ill keep the credit for them, down under this--)

( Credit to, IWantToHugALandmass:D; Who typed all this, and provided just about everything. xD, to Nerdinyourcloset, a.k.a Nerdy, or Narwhal; For the picture, Im-The-Hero; For the other picture,Prussia-The-Awesome; for DRAWING Im-The-Hero's picture lol, Lei Omaki; For supporting, Luka Megurine Knife; for Supporting, Wikipedia; which is where i got the information on the Treaty of The Rhine, my own Brain; for all the info on Liechtenstein :3. TUMMY RAINBOWS!! TUMMY RAINBOWS!!! ewww! this grape just exploded in my mouth seriously. Everything inside is gone. It's just the grape skin........... blegh...................................see you around, Hasta La Pasta!~ ^^)

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