I feel really bad that I've neglected the wiki in recent weeks. University is draining me and my father is keeping me away from the internet. So much for stress relief. D: But, I'll try my best to keep myself active as much as possible.

I'm happy to see that the wiki is still much alive. I was worried that if I went away for a while, the wiki would die much like what happened at the South Park Fanon Wiki (the other wiki I co-run) but then again, the fandom seems to be dying as well and the other admin disappeared in September 2008.

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but Hetalia Archives will be celebrating its first birthday in January! When I created the wiki in January 2009, I never would of imagined it would become such a big success. I actually thought that it would end up like the a bunch of the other wikis. Dead with only 4 pages. I'm really proud to have such great members and a wonderful community. You guys are the best. You really are!

While I'm still talking about the wiki, I've been thinking for a while. I was thinking about adding a doujinshi section within the fanon one. Doujinshis are uploaded frequently over at the LJ community and I was thinking about them getting articles. What do you guys think?

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