For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, refer to this link:

The move from Wikia to ShoutWiki has been long and tedicious one but please be patient for a little longer. Eariler this month, ShoutWiki had to put imports on hold after their servers had crashed from the serge of Wikia users flooding their site. So, on the 12th, they upgraded their servers to handle the new traffic. They restarted doing their imports a few days later but they have been pretty slow and have been doing them at random. So really, I can't say when we will get ours completed.

We're still unsure what will happen to the location here. I'm thinking of leaving this place open for anyone who doesn't want to move with us but we'll see when the time comes. Regardless of what happens, I will still be here looking after this site as I don't want trolls taking over the place. There is a possiblity of keeping this place as a possible mirror site incase ShoutWiki ever goes down. But like I said, that will decision will come after the import.

Because we will lose the blog system, we started up a forum as a replacement called Hetayume Forums that we are sharing with our affiliate, Kitayume Wiki. Joining is a must if you decide to start posting there. All members are welcomed to join!

Hetayume Forums:

Hetalia Archives:

If you do plan on moving over with us, it's best if you create the new articles over at the new site than this one as anything over November 3rd 2010 will NOT be included in Shout's import. Creating a user account and creating pages and uploading images will NOT affect the import. However, you will be working without templates for a while. If you don't plan on moving with us, then keep creating pages. But keep in mind, we will be copying and pasting everything once we get the import.

If you're coming with us, PLEASE DON'T CREATE ANY PAGES MADE BEFORE NOV 3!! We will get those pages in the import! I'll just delete them if you do! That goes for the templates as well.

If you have any questions, be sure to read to the old post before asking a question that's already been answered. But other than that, ask away!

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