Since the dub's release, we've been getting a lot of new members coming in. While I'm extremely happy about this, some of you guys are NOT reading the rules.

  • Absolutely NO fanart. I can't stress this enough. I don't care if you drew it or if your friend drew it and he or she let you use it; I don't care. It's not welcomed here so don't post it. If this keeps up, I will have to start putting up a week's ban for users if it will get you guys to read the rules.
  • I've also noticed there's been a surge of blog posts in regards to similiar topics in the last month. I think I've seen 6 blog posts about Sweden's dub voice yet oddly enough, we already have that information present in the article for episode 14. Please do some research before posting your blog. Chances are, someone else probably had the same question as you and most likely got an answer or we already have the infomation present somewhere in the vast wikia of ours. You can ask your question at Hetalia: Axis Powers Answers. That was the whole purpose of creating that sister site in the first place. It was also created to help ease the pressure on the blog system. We have pretty lax rule system when it comes to blogs but I will have to inforce stricter rules such as deleting your blog posts if you can't be bothered to do any research.
  • A few of you guys (mostly Anons) have asking us for links to watch or download episodes and/or songs. Don't bother. We won't give them to you.

I apologize if any of this sounds "cruel" or "mean" but you have to remember that we have rules here for a reason. And when rules are not followed, action follows. We're all here to work together as a team and as a team we have to the follow the same rules. No one here gets special treatment including myself. Actually, the words "Special Treatment" don't exist here. If you guys ever have questions, PLEASE don't be shy to ask me! I'm always ready to help my fellow members. I'm not a scary monster c:

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